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History begin


Urban Development Investment Corporation – Joint-stock company is a state-owned company established in February 1978 with the name of Enterprise leveling under Thanh Hoa Construction Company. In September 1984, the company name was changed to Urban Technical Works Company under Construction Department with the main business activity in the field of leveling and constructing urban technical works. At this time, the Company had only 04 production teams with the number of employees per 100 people. Construction equipment is rudimentary, production and business activities are subsidized and paid by the state.

In 1999, due to the economy had a lot of development. The income of workers has initially prospered. Therefore, the purchasing power of the market is increasing, especially the construction materials industry. In order to diversify business lines, to meet the needs of the market, the Company decided to invest in a ceramic tile factory producing floor tiles with a capacity of 01 million m2 / year. Italian technology line, the product is mainly 300x300mm floor tiles. Total investment is over 60 billion. The production line was put into production in May 2001. This was the most modern line at that time, marking TCT as one of the pioneering enterprises in the field of manufacturing tiles in the country. Products with the ThanhCera brand are quickly affirmed in the market and trusted by consumers.

However, due to the new factory. Staffs do not have much experience, the management is still weak, business organizations consume products that are not adaptable to the market mechanism, so the production is not effective, leading to prolonged losses. The construction and installation of this period flourished, but the profit of the construction and installation industry did not offset the loss of the factory. Leading to the Company being in the bankruptcy trend. The annual turnover in this period was over VND 150 billion. The number of employees more than 300 people. State capital at the enterprise is negative.

In 2004, implementing the policy of equitizing State enterprises. In order to qualify for equitization due to the negative of the State capital and the risk of bankruptcy, the Company’s leader made a written report to the Prime Minister for freezing principal debt, erasing part of loan interest.

In 2005, the company was equitized and changed its name to Thanh Hoa Infrastructure Development and Construction Joint Stock Company with a charter capital of VND 5 billion. Outstanding loans of the whole construction sector amounted to nearly VND 100 billion. Of which, equipment for the ceramic brick production line accounts for over VND 53 billion. Turnover at this time the whole company is over 250 billion

After equitization, from 2005 to 2010, the Company arranged and reorganized its production and business apparatus. In March 2007, the company was renamed to Urban Development Investment Construction Joint Stock Corporation, raising its charter capital from VND 5 billion to VND 21 billion. With the new operating model, the Board of Directors has introduced many measures to remove difficulties and enhance the development of construction blocks. There were times when the construction and installation blocks developed with more than 30 factories and construction teams. With remarkable construction capacity, good quality works, shortened construction time, the Corporation’s brand is a strong brand in the field of construction of the province.

In July 2007, the Corporation invested in Plant 2 producing ceramic tiles with a capacity of 3 million m2 / year and at the same time renovated the firing technology from using gas to using technology of coal gasification. of 2 factories decreased. Production began to work. On the other hand, the construction and installation block in this period also grew, the revenue of the whole Corporation was about VND 350 billion.

In November 2011, the Corporation changed its name to Urban Development Investment Corporation – JSC so far. The brand ThanhCera, which has a limited regional element, has been replaced by the brand Vicenza. Then from here, with the vision and long-term strategy of the leadership, the brand Vicenza is the wind sails that bring the TCT boat steadily to the sea, ice breakout, growing and prosperous.

In October 2013, TCT established Vicenza Development Investment Joint Stock Company. In October 2014, Vicenza Company invested in line 3 to produce high-quality large-scale ceramic tiles with digital printing, polishing Nano technology with a capacity of 3 million m2 / year. Mainstream is the line of semi-porcelain bone porcelain tiles, digital printing, Nano technology polishing with size 600x600mm. This is a high-class product line with outstanding criteria in terms of quality and aesthetics, from which marks the official Vicenza brand in the high-end product segment of the Vietnam ceramic tile market. With the research and mastering of new technology, in June 2016, Vicenza Investment and Development Joint Stock Company was honored to be certified as a science and technology enterprise.

Continuing that growth momentum, in October 2017, the Company invested in two more modern production lines of ceramic tiles. In which there is a production line of floor tiles with a capacity of 4.5 million m2 installed in parallel with the production line of Vicenza company. Producing Porc product lines

Both lines use technology, modern equipment and most advanced today. The application of 4.0 technology in operation and production, therefore, the degree of automation is over 90%. The devices are connected with each other via cloud computing technology platform and connected to handheld devices such as Smatphone, Note book, so that the management staff can control the operation status of the wire. pass 24/24 and intervene in time when incidents occur. In less than 7 months, with the close guidance of the project management board and the efforts of thousands of employees present at the construction site, hundreds of technical infrastructure works and thousands of tons of equipment were installed. set to ensure progress, quality. By August 2018, both lines were put into operation to produce high quality products, reaching and exceeding European standards with a variety of designs, rich, meeting the tastes of consumers.

Over 40 years of construction and growth. To date, TCT has become one of the leading strong enterprises in Thanh Hoa Province with a charter capital of VND 1,000 billion; Annual turnover more than 1500 billion. Staff force labor contracts longer than 1200 people. In which the number of qualified and experienced engineers in the field of manufacturing ceramic tiles is about 150 people. Technical workers, operating about 500 people. Many of them have more than 20 years of working experience in the spirit of enthusiasm and creative thinking holding many key positions in the Corporation.

Therefore, employees’ lives are improved day by day, their incomes are stable to ensure their lives. Mid-Autumn Festival for children and children of GDT. Building a corporate culture of Vicenza color. Since then, workers are assured of production and increasingly attached to the Enterprise, considering the enterprise to be their second home.

Corporate governance is always at the forefront of the TCT Board of Directors when it is continually organized for employees to improve their capacity, especially key staff. In the past year, the Corporation has restructured its apparatus such as: rearranging departments and units; appoint qualified staff; Rotate cadres to renew themselves.

Parallel to that, the work of paramilitary work was applied in the Corporation so that the image of its employees was always highly disciplined, professional and decisive working style. Since then improve labor productivity. Building your own cultural identity Vicenza.

Vicenza’s lab is equipped with many advanced and modern laboratory equipment. Along with measures and policies aimed at sustainable development, in recent years, GDT has always focused on applying scientific and technological advances to the production and trading of ceramic tiles. Specifically, the investment in applying new technologies in production, investing in the exploitation of input materials meeting high quality standards. Investing in the field of Intellectual Property and applying quality management systems such as ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001; 5S policy … and extensive application of information technology in the management of its business operations.

With achievements achieved during 40 years of construction and development. The Corporation has been awarded many certificates of merit by the Prime Minister, central ministries and the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee. In 2012, 2014 and 2018, the business was honored to be awarded the emulation flag by the Prime Minister. In 2013, the Corporation was awarded the First-class Labor Medal by the State. In 2018, the Corporation continued to be honored with the second-class labor medal. Individual Chairman of the Board of Directors was awarded the third-class labor medal by the President of Vietnam in 2013 from the national emulation soldier in 2016 and Second-class Labor Medal 2018. The General Director was personally awarded the Merit Certificate of the Prime Minister in 2018

GDT always shares its responsibility with the community by organizing charitable programs. Annually, GDT spends billions of dong on programs: Supporting flood victims. Support the hunger elimination and poverty alleviation fund, visit and give presents to families of war invalids, martyrs and Vietnamese heroic mothers.

It can be said that, from the establishment of the company from subsidy to now. Over 40 years the company has continuously inherited, built and developed. Although there are periods, there are still many difficulties and ups and downs, as if businesses must fall into the depths of bankruptcy, but now the business has gradually stood firm and developed. There are advancements like today, the business is grateful to those who laid the foundations of building the company from the beginning, thanks to the previous generations of leaders who have built and nurtured the development. of the company, thanks to the tireless efforts of the current generation of leaders, managers and employees in the enterprise that have followed the tradition and written a monumental epic for today’s generation. In addition to the efforts of the leadership and employees of the Corporation. GDT would like to thank the attention of the comrades who are the provincial leaders, the People’s Council – the Provincial People’s Committee, the departments. Especially the strategic partners, the customers always accompany, join hands in our efforts to build an increasingly sustainable and prosperous TCT.