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Choose ceramic tiles, decorative wall tiles according to Feng Shui

Colors in feng shui are primarily directed towards balancing yin and yang energies to achieve the ideal harmony. Yin is a quiet dark color that absorbs color and positive is a light color that reflects the color. Therefore, colors are applied to enhance the favorable factors and limit the disadvantages from the environment affecting the house.
According to the principle of the five elements, the environment consists of 5 elements Kim (metal), Moc (plants), Water (water), Fire (fire), Earth (earth) and each element has its own unique colors. Needles: including light colors and metallic colors; Carpentry: green, green; Thuy: includes dark blue, black; Fire: red, purple; Earth: brown, yellow, orange …
The mutuality of the five elements includes: Firebirth, Firebirth, Earthbirth, Waterbirth, and Waterbirth. The similarities of the five elements are Kim carved Moc, Moc engraved with Tho, Tho engraved with Thuy, Thuy engraved with Fire, and Kim engraved with Fire. Mutual, similar, harmonious and rational carving will bring a balance in feng shui as well as in our common sense according to feng shui.
The choice of colors according to your preferences or color according to the principle of the five elements in feng shui are two different methods with the same result. You can understand and visualize more colors in the five elements of feng shui applied in architecture.
The owner of the Kim family should use the bright colors and metallic colors because white is the possessive color of the destiny, in addition to the brown and yellow tones because these are the prosperous colors. Kim). These colors always bring joy and luck to the homeowners. However, homeowners must avoid the taboo colors such as pink, red, purple (Red Fire etched Kim).

Similarly, the owner of the Destiny family should use black, dark blue tones, in addition to white tones and metallic colors (Platinum white). Homeowners should refrain from using taboo colors such as yellow earth and brown (Indigenous Earth carving).
The owner of the Jupiter should use blue tones, in addition to black, dark blue tones (black water born Jupiter). Homeowners should avoid using white tones and metallic colors (White Platinum Carved Wood).

The owner of the Fire par should use red, pink and purple tones, in addition to the green colors (Fire wood born from Thanh Hoa). Homeowners should avoid using black tones, dark blue (water black engraved Fire).

The owner of the Tho family should use earth yellow, brown color, in addition can be combined with pink, red, purple (Earth fire red birth). Green is the taboo color that homeowners should avoid using.


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