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Vision of core values


With the slogan “Strategic vision of the manufacturer”, VICENZA Investment and Development Joint Stock Company wishes to develop sustainably so that the VICENZA Brand can maintain its position as one of the leading brands in the tiles and paving industry. Vietnam and reaching out to the international market, a brand that customers always think of first when there is demand for tiles.

Along with the development of an integrated economy, orienting the near future VICENZA Company will become a VICENZA corporation, because our mission is Together with the prosperity of our customers!

With the orientation of strictly and fully complying with the provisions of the law on product quality, the environment associates the interests of the company with the interests of customers, the collective of workers and the social community.

Development strategy

VICENZA’s production development strategy is to constantly improve technology, innovate equipment to increase productivity, improve product quality and design, save raw materials and materials to reduce costs and increase competitiveness. paintings, thereby will fully meet the increasing and diverse needs of customers.

At the same time, VICENZA strengthens its branding strategy, maintains and develops its current market share, strives to develop new customer groups, exploit potential market share and expand market share in the brick sector. tile.