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To select the appropriate floor tile, note a few things:

1. Choose the right bricks for each type of house:

Depending on the design style of the house, the buyer chooses the type of floor tile to suit.

– For townhouses or villas, the spacious house should choose small, dark patterned bricks in a luxurious, classic style.

– If you are a flat apartment or a 4-level house, the house has a small area, you should choose the bricks with a little big size, elegant colors, bright colors to have a feeling of a larger room.

– If the room size is over 15 m2, you can use 60×60 cm bricks to help the room look more spacious and modern.

– For non-square rooms, it can be overcome by rectangular tiles of size 30 × 60 or 15 × 60, diagonal tiles will cover some defects.
Besides, also need to consider your home position in the direction of more or less light to choose the color of tiles accordingly.
2. Tiles must fit each space
Based on the function of use and width or small of each room to choose the tiles accordingly.

In terms of color, it depends on the style of the house. Gray or brown represents modernity, intimacy and elegance if the home has European style. Or natural style, can tiled blue, green … for relaxation.

3. Pay attention to the overall color of the house
Compare the wall color and furniture with the type of brick you choose. The color of the tiles should be in harmony with the interior design to accentuate the style of the house. In fact, there are many people who go to buy bricks just because they see eye-catching colors or impressive patterns.

However, when paved up, it is not suitable for the overall of his house due to the lack of harmony throughout the whole project. Therefore, although beautiful bricks, but if not consistent with the design style of the house, do not choose to avoid losing money to buy unsatisfied.

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