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How to choose a suitable floor tile?

Brick floor now has a lot of different designs as well as designs, they give living space the most exquisite beauty. With each type, there will be a suitable choice for each space, but how to choose the right brick for the house, with architecture, it is not an easy thing.

With this article, VICENZA will provide you with information and characteristics of floor tiles, notes to choose the best type of tiles.

1. Advantages of different types of floor tiles

– Ceramic tiles: are common tiles on the market today, the enamel structure includes enamel on a glossy, fuzzy or rough surface. Ceramic tiles often have high strength, low water absorption, resistance to abrasion. Especially when choosing this type of brick is the resistance to slippery must meet the requirements, according to certain quality standards

– Ceramic Brick VICENZA: This is one of the products made from terracotta, this brick product is used by many people. However, this type of brick is very fragile and chipped if the beetle bumps hard

– VICENZA Granite Tiles: Products using homogeneous blocks of materials as well as color, gloss of the tiles. Brick has standard size and high surface hardness, meeting the needs of use in all projects. These tiles not only meet aesthetic beauty but are also waterproof, stain resistant, safe and easy to clean.

– Granite, marble, slate … are natural stones with beautiful and luxurious appearance.

2. To choose the best floor tile

– Good floor tiles are bricks that must meet the standards of back (thick tank), white bricks (with materials from kaolin and agar) better than red (the main material is clay)

– When choosing a tile, you should try tapping the tile to check how the sound is coming from. In addition, you can also put a few drops of water into the brick to see how waterproof it is. Underwater permeable bricks will be a good brick and vice versa

– Good floor tiles are flat, not warped and there are no gaps between the bricks

Choosing bricks (whether any type of brick) is not a simple task. If you only rely on design but not quality, it will affect the safety of the house. Therefore, choosing the types of bricks that both ensure the quality and create the beauty of the main space that is priority to the current queue and VICENZA’s brick products, we meet the needs and tastes of consumers. use.

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