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6 golden rules when choosing ceramic tiles

Tiling is considered a stage of finishing a house, but it greatly determines the aesthetics and quality of the building. So the stage of choosing tiles is equally important. To choose a beautiful wall tile or suitable floor tiles, you need to pay attention to the following principles:

Does not cause dizziness

When choosing tiles, the first thing you should pay attention to is not to choose tiles that are too flashy and dazzling, meaning that we must have a combination of tiles together in a harmonious way. However, it is not synonymous with choosing a single color brick, which is tedious and boring. The important thing is that we combine floor tiles with wall tiles to make them homogeneous.

Correct use feature

In the house, there are many different spaces that each space will assume the corresponding functions and tasks. The selection of bricks should also be based on the characteristics of each room, we can not apply living room tiles for outdoor wall tiles. For example, the living room needs luxury, the bedroom needs warmth, the bathroom requires slippery resistance … Depending on the characteristics of each area, we will choose bricks with the corresponding function.

Tiles need to have similarities with architecture

If you do not know much about the architecture and how to combine the bricks, let the professionals choose you instead of bricks. Because when we choose the beautiful tiles, matching the architectural space will increase the beauty and value of the building. On the contrary, if the bricks do not fit into anything, it can make your whole beautiful and perfect project become ugly and lost. It is not necessary to choose expensive tiles, but it is important that it fits with the space and architecture of the house.

Harmonic ratio

The harmony here is the conformity of the tile size with the area of ​​the tiles. Such as small toilets, you should not choose too big bricks will cause the space to be swallowed and become much smaller, and cause loss of aesthetics for the room. As for large spaces should limit the use of bricks or small wall tiles because it will divide the space due to too many mortar circuits.

Use in accordance with the physical and mechanical properties of bricks

Each type of brick or decorative material produced has different physical characteristics and properties. Knowing this feature and exploiting them effectively for each area will help you own the space much more beautiful and impressive. Can take a few typical examples such as hard, solid granite, so it is very suitable for the areas that are affected by the frequency of usage such as stairs, kitchen surfaces, floors, etc. rock with grain is quite fragile so suitable for wall cladding…

Feng shui and homeowners psychology

Indoor tiles are also a material that affects feng shui pretty much since it will affect the psychology of family members. The choice of ceramic tiles should also pay attention to feng shui so that it is suitable for the homeowner, age, home direction … to bring luck, prosperity and safety to life.

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